Daniel Stieglitz

was born on the 2nd of march in 1980, Daniel started drawing pretty early (some say that there were carvings inside the amniotic sac), did illustrations for the school magazin, and studied animation and filmmaking at the art school in kassel. Beside his film projects he started working as a freelance storyboard artist, illustrator and live caricature artist and that’s pretty much what he still does right now: drawing for money, writing for fun… his hobbies are: playing music (guitar, piano, drums), playing improv theatre, spending time with his wife and his two girls…

He is the Golden Nosey winner at the 2018 ISCA Convention in San Diego, besides Best Caricature of the Year, Outstanding Group Composition, Outstanding Body Situation, and Rookie of the Year.

Other awards include:

  • Best ‘Theme’ Work’ – Montmartre Minicon Eindhoven 2018
  • Best Likeness Caricature – Montmartre Minicon Eindhoven 2018
  • Most Inspiring Work -Montmartre Minicon Eindhoven 2018
  • Overall Best Work – Montmartre Minicon Eindhoven 2018
  • Best Traditional Caricature – Eurocature 2018

He also directed several movies

  • 2006 Fly and Fall (director, writer)
  • 2009 Endstation Spielzeugland (director, writer)
  • 2013  Marzipanmusik (director, writer)

and published the book:

Here is a small selection of Daniel’s work. More on his homepageInstagram, imdb