Ruxi Chibrit

is currently an entrepreneur in the art field. In this regards, she founded Caricatours in 2016 with her life partner Valentin Chibrit, recognized as an artist in the caricature community, and since then they managed to overcome many challenges, doubling their revenue each year. They make a great team participating together at all the live events and dealing with many kinds of clients every day. She has always been interested in exploring the human nature which impacted her experience in client service, marketing, advertising and communication. Understanding what drives people, especially artists, to reach their best potential in their lives, she decided to share some of that acquired knowledge and experience through workshops. Her method uses the latest discoveries in neurosciences as an instrument in understanding the Mind. She has the vision to get involved in education and to propose creative models that sustain the concept of smart living in an empathic and sustainable way.